Test and Balance for Air systems

Test and Balance for Hydronic systems

Duct Leakage Testing

HVAC Assessments

Sound Testing

Vibration Testing

Synergy Test and Balance was formed in 2011 to provide independent, third party Test and Balance services. From then until 2012 we balanced 14 projects and established a portfolio of work allowing us to apply for certification through the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), which we successfully completed in 2013. To date we have balanced over 300 projects.

The TAB experience of our personnel goes much deeper than Synergy’s corporate history. Cheryl Yates’ association with the Test and Balance field goes back many years. More recently she has focused on finance and business development, and has now combined that experience with her engineering background to become president of Synergy Test and Balance.  As can be seen in our staff resumes, Todd Yates and Glenn Miller Jr. have combined TAB experience of nearly 40 years prior to the founding of Synergy Test and Balance. They have balanced some of the most complex facilities in the region, as well as many smaller projects. With this background we can provide a full range of Test and Balance services including:

  • Test and Balance for Air systems
  • Test and Balance for Hydronic systems
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Sound testing
  • Vibration testing

We provide TAB services in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Contact Information:

Our office is located at 2611 Waterfront Parkway, Suite 340 in Indianapolis, IN.

Cheryl Yates, President
Office: 317 222-1828
Fax: 317 451-8079

Glenn Miller Jr., Vice President
Office: 317 222-1828
Fax: 317 451-8079